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    Window and carpet cleaning services in Scarborough at affordable prices!

    We are Scarborough’s most demanded cleaning service providers. We deal in every sort of residential cleaning service. Everything from dusting to moping, washing to drying, folding to arranging is done with complete expertise and neatness. We love to make places neat and your house comfortable for you. We realize that due to your busy schedule, it is impossible for you to carry on your cleaning routine. Especially if you are a busy mother or a working lady, you will definitely need someone to help you out with the cleaning works. Sometimes you are so busy that you cannot even manage time to throw away rotten food from your refrigerator. Concentrating your needs of cleaning services, we have arranged a group of experienced cleaning staff that will suit your requirements for sure. We have special cleaning services guaranteed for a neat and healthy home waiting for you when you come back from office in evening. Our staff will take care of everything that needs to be cleaned even if you are not around. We are never in haste; we take time to listen to your instructions carefully as we know that your home is very important for you. Everything will be done according to your instructions and desire. home2

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    We are enlisting here the general services which are provided at daily basis to our clients who need daily cleaning services.

    Our cleaning services include all the given details:

    1. Window washing (inside only)
    2. Moping
    3. Changing bed covers (if required)
    4. Vacuuming curtains
    5. Clean tops of cabinets
    6. Dusting decoration items
    7. Clean light fixtures
    8. Dusting and cleaning furniture thoroughly
    9. Clean vertical blinds
    10. Cleaning LCD and computer screens
    11. Polish the silver and other metal
    12. Bug and spider cleaning
    13. Cobweb cleaning
    14. Clean ceiling fans
    15. Wash dishes or place in dishwasher
    16. Dry dishes and put them away
    17. Clean insides of drawers
    18. Clean oven and racks
    19. Disposing of rotten food
    20. Cleaning fridge
    21. Cleaning and arranging cupboards
    22. Our maids will take care of your home according to your demand and will give you time to enjoy with your family.

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    We use 100% safe and natural products for cleaning your home. No harmful chemicals will be used for cleaning, polishing or moping. You do not need to worry about your family’s health issues. We guarantee to provide safe cleaning services.

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